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          Great inspiration .Huge spur
          PubTime:2011/7/19 13:19:39 Hits:11843

          Communications and Internet industry trade missions to our company


          On July 16, 2011 afternoon, the member of Standing Committee Zhu Jinkun, the secretary of Discipline Inspection Wei Zumin, District Assistant Chen Jinsheng etc to our company for investigation.

          On the investigation, He Ping, the Chairman and General Manager did special reports about the development of enterprise, put forward the suggestions and requirements on management and Government services to industry. Leaders carefully asked the operating situation and difficulties we encountered, fully affirmed the achievements of the company, given valuable suggestions on the difficulties and problems encountered. Required company attach importance to quality , strong management, speed up transformation and upgrade, do fine and strong Weiguang Electronic, make new contributions to the economic development of Yuhang Region .

          This investigation was that all leaders to our great concern, but also for our company greatly encouraged and strong motivation. We will continue to carry forward the spirit of arduous struggle, scientific developments, and make efforts to create success.

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