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          Corporate News  
          Upgrading for General Branch Committee of CPC [2011-08-25]
          The 2011 New Year Party [2011-01-07]
          Leaders of Foreign Bureau led to the company [2011-08-21]
          Great inspiration .Huge spur [2011-07-19]
          Our company won the China Electronic Component Top 73 [2011-07-12]
          Safety precautions [2011-06-09]
          Successfully held the 2010 annual general meeting of shareholders [2011-04-29]
          The Secretary Zhu Jinkun to the company [2011-04-27]
          The Vice Mayor Tong Guili visited Canton fair exhibitors [2011-04-27]
          Trademark got the famous trademark of Zhejiang Province [2011-01-20]
          The 23rd China Electronic Components Enterprises Top 100 Forum [2010-06-23]
          OHSAS18001:2007 [2010-06-09]
          Foreign Trading Conference [2010-05-27]
          Shareholder Meeting [2010-05-27]
          Approved by Municipal Government [2010-05-12]
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