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          About Us  
          About Us
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          ABOUT US  
          Weiguang´s prestige
          We would like to deliver our commitment that we guarantee a full satisfaction to our customers by keeping one core mission?± be happy with customers?±. Understanding its mission is not enough but should be capable of fulfilling it. We do know how hard it is to commit with.However we dare can tell it through our positive experiences resulting in a successful business relationship and continuously growing output by keeping our words. All Weiguang members know from the bottom of their heart that they will be happy when their customers are happy. Building up our customers´reputation to the highest level is our primary concern.

           Products reliability
          It is the most important factor we focus on. All members of Weiguang´s staffs and its employees are well educated to work every thing perfect at each position. We do care for the job aiming to ?° No returns caused by the faults at the factory?± and ?° Make the products strong enough to reduce defectives by the end users´ as well.

          The products reliability comes mainly from the circuit design and careful choice of good quality materials at R&D stage. And then good technology of PCB, SMD and final assembly determine the reliability. All those are achieved under the comprehensive understanding on both technical and commercial activities and dedicated cooperation with our suppliers and customers.

          Weiguang definitely is not satisfied with simply providing its products. We strive to satisfy customers with advanced technology and ultimate services under the notion that a company´s future lies in the hands of the customers and their end users. Service activities thus are not limited only to the service department but are well recognized as an overall activity from whole of company organizations. We secure for a better future of our customers with reliable quality, quick delivery, perfect maintenance, continuous supply and good price.

          To help this policy, we start ?°ISO9000 Version customer satisfaction system?± from 2000.

          Market Policy
          We promise to keep our faith to become a leading company with continuous efforts for developing new innovative products with an aim to play a key role in the 21st century, the era of dramatic changes. We commit ourselves to focus all our activities in view of our customer´s prosperity. We have the faith deep in our mind that the jobs are possible from close cooperation with customers based on strong trustworthy relationship and the faith to share the benefits of our success with our customers together. We have the faith the success has its meaning only when we can contribute to the happiness of global citizens. So our new innovations will be carried on the basis of making life of mankind more convenient and safe.

          Development of new technology having the value for the benefit of human being, holding strict faith to think right way is our market philosophy. We owe a lot to our customers what we have achieved so far. But we never satisfy at our current success because there are so many things to do for the sake of our customers. Our ultimate goal is to support our customer to the extent they become the leader in this industry. We feel it is our holy duty while it is alerted that more customers do not make more success. We are determined to associate with as fewer customers as possible throughout the world.

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